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I fell into my first position working with people with disabilities as a bright green close-to-new-graduate speech pathologist in Sydney in 1996. I've been here ever since.

As a speechie over the next 15 year, between welcoming my first two children, I worked in the not-for-profit, private and government sectors.

I loved the work and I loved the people. I have had the absolute privilege of sharing in so many moments of success and the heartbreak of losing people along the way.

The NDIS came along with so much promise and like so many of my colleagues and thousands of people with disabilities have been bounced around with the ups and downs since the trial began in 2013.

Not long after the trial I decided to have a crack at my own business, which happened to sell unexpectedly soon after launch.

A little by accident I have found a place as a voice for Providers, especially for small business, as the fear of the goal of choice and control disappearing as Providers continue to work against the head wind that is the NDIS.

I've had a lot of frustration and a few wins along the way. 

Here is a list of the adventures that I am currently enjoying.



The Business Centre is a not-for -profit organisation based in Newcastle NSW. We offer the Business Connect program which is a NSW Department of Industry subsidised business support service and we are the lead provider of support for the disability sector under this program. Every advisor has run a business themselves and we all have our own areas of specialisation, including planning, marketing, HR, digital and finance.

Through the Business Centre I can offer support to any businesses through the NSW Hunter, Central Coast, New England, Mid North Coast, North Coast and Far North Coast areas who are working in the NDIS world.


The idea of Buzza is to develop additional business supports and information. I am working here with two amazing guys, Graham Plant and David Johnson both of whom are committed to doing our best to make life a little easier for businesses working in the NDIS. It's taking some time because we are all working on this project on the side of our other projects. 

We are recording some really great podcasts right now, and these will be available for download very soon.


As a friend of CID I happily contribute to their advocacy projects as they need. Watch this space for the next advocacy campaign about to launch in September 2018.


(Facebook page)

At a tick over 2 600 members, this closed group is a vibrant place for NDIS Providers to chat and ask one another questions about just about anything NDIS. As one of several administrators of this account, with Jessica Michalak, Jamie Clynch, Kimberly Mulder and Nicole Donnelly, I am extremely proud of the community we have built. All providers are welcome as long as you bring a supportive and solution focused mindset.


It's on again! After organising last years expo with the fabulous Carly Stewart for 2018 we have handed the reigns over to 4Community. Carly and I are still involved in the organising and we hope to see plenty of local NSW Hunter people there!

This year the Expo will be on the last weekend in October at the Newcastle Jockey Club.

Watch for updates in the next few days.



I am also a Key Word Sign Presenter and still support some people with communication and mealtimes. To contact me about these services please see the Firefly Therapy website here.